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Terms and Conditions




Carina Breer

Scholtenenk 49

7101 SJ Winterswijk



Mobil: +491704978672


tax [office reference] number: NL002463636B94


Design and all photographs used on this website are protected by copyright!



Terms and Conditions (Photography


The customer is obliged to read the terms and conditions carefully and to take full note of them

The photographer is entitled to the copyright to the photo files in accordance with the copyright law.


If the photographer transfers rights of use to his works, only the simple right of use is transferred - unless expressly agreed otherwise

When using the pictures/files, the photographer - unless otherwise agreed - is named as the author, photo: Carina Breer Photography - of the picture

A violation of the right of naming shall entitle the photographer to damages.


For the production of the photos/files a fee is charged as hourly rate, daily rate or agreed flat rate. Additional costs (model, hotel, travel expenses, studio rent, etc. ) are to be paid by the client

Invoices due are to be paid within 10 days without deduction

The client expressly acknowledges the image concept. If the client requests changes after production, he must bear the additional costs. The photographer is not liable for any damages incurred.

The photographer is entitled to delete stored data after 6 months. The sending of photo files, printed photos, etc. is at the expense and risk of the client


The obligation to pay compensation in the event of loss of data does not exist.

For full Terms and Conditions or Geral Privacy Policy please download the PDF file down here.

Für die deutsche Version bitte die untenstehende PDF downloaden.

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