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Hello I´m Aquarina



Welcome to my Underwaterworld.

My Name is Aquarina and I´m a real life mermaid.

I started in 2016 with the Idea that I want my own Mermaid Tail. So I could just buy one, but that would not be me. I am a person who loves to create and make my own costumes and designs. 

So I made a full silicone tail from nothing. Starting by designing scales and learning all those techniques took me quite long. But now I´m here and my beauty tail is ready to go. 

So I´m open to almost everything if it´s a Birthday Partys for your kids, performing on events, in a mermaid tank or swimming in an aquarium for the good cause I do it all. 

I want to bring more magic into this world as well as I want to open peoples eyes for the trouble that happens every day in the oceans.

Hope to see you somewhere underwater :)

Your Aquarina

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