we are Jart and Carina two crazy creative persons with just too many crazy costume ideas.

We are responsible for the formation of the most extraordinary costumes. For now it is just our hobby to make costumes but we working hard to get more out of it.

You are searching for a special costume or you have an idea in your mind but you can´t find the right stuff? Than don't wait and just write us a Mail cause we like to help you with your costume and your ideas.

All our costumes are rentable for Photoshootings and Video. For fantasy events pleas ask us.

No renting for partys or carnival!!

Please consider that our costumes are all handmade what makes them very valuable.

Costume Design and Photography, Facebook, more Pictures, Ideas and Step by Step Pictures here:

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only about Carina here.

Yeah that´s me like you can see me in that picture on the left side. 

Who am I?

So first of all my name is Carina and I´m just a normal person okay maybe a bit crazy person. But hey who isn`t?

I love to create a new way of seeing the world. There is so much to explore and to see. I love to take pictures and get the fantasy that each of us has into that picture. 

Yes I´m an award winning and proffesional Photographer and I love my work. I also love to stand in front of the camera as a model. Like you can see in the other pictures down here. 
It´s just so much fun to be on both sides of the camera. 

Come and dive into my world of fantasy and crazyness. I`m sure you´ll also find yourself a bit in my work :)

Photography and Costume Design is my life.