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my name is Carina.

I want to give you here a little view into my world. My main passion is to create new things and capture moments that else would be forgotten. 

I am a german born girl found my love in the netherlands and moved over there. And from the netherlands now I try to inspire people and make art. 

I love to magical pull people out of the real world into a world where they can be totally themselves and don´t need to worry about anything.

I started Photography as a Band and Concert Photographer and made my Education in Food- and Productphotography.

Now I am an award winning Photographer. I am Costume Designer, Model, Pirate and Mermaid Entertainer on the side.

I am in love with all Mermaid like things and a big fan of huge dresses.

I hope I can also inspire you a bit. 

Have a nice day.

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